Castle of Wiesenburg


” Night of Crystal light “

Schloss Wiesenburg hilft e.V., Wiesenburg

Thanks to Schloss Wiesenburg GmbH & Co.KG, Mari Rizzo, Mauricio Misle.
Creative assistant: Mari Rizzo.

Large scale video projection on the castle façade in the context of the Wiesenburg castleparknight (son & lumière).


Night-of-Crystal-light-13 Night-of-Crystal-light-1 Night-of-Crystal-light-20 Night-of-Crystal-light-10 Night-of-Crystal-light-9 Night-of-Crystal-light-12 Night-of-Crystal-light-4 Night-of-Crystal-light-2 Night-of-Crystal-light-3 Night-of-Crystal-light-7 Night-of-Crystal-light-18 Night-of-Crystal-light-17 Night-of-Crystal-light-16























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